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Video Door Phones - Home Security Kerala

With increase in crime rates all over the world, everyone is vigilant about the safety and security of their homes and loved ones. We have lots of security gadgets available now, thanks to technology, but most of us really do not try to understand various functions of these security gadgets. Video Door Phones helps your family to protect themselves from intruders. But how do you know which video door phone to purchase? Here’s a list of important features you must check before buying a video door phone: Touch screens –  These make for a very user friendly interface and are stylish too. They are easy to use and allow for effortless operating. Do not disturb –  Want to sleep in or do work without any disturbances? This feature allows you to keep visitors away for a set period of time. Night vision –  Almost all video door phones have inbuilt night vision, which allows you to view your visitors even in low light. Capture images –  Video door phones now capture images o

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