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How to prevent Employee Theft - Effective use of CCTV System

CCTV Systems can be used to eliminate employee theft, prevent burglaries, keep an eye on your business after hours, improve customer service, etc.     By adhering to the following tips, you will ensure the highest level of protection against theft in the office/business establishment. 1.     Install a high quality security camera system, which allows you to see all areas of your business from one place. So if you see someone stealing, you can catch them in the act. Beware of non-professionals, do not go after COMBO OFFERS, ask your installer about the brand of each item including the cables used. 2.     If you have employees who work alone, make sure there are no blind spots in your security system.  Savvy thieves will find out about it and take advantage of you. 3.     Make sure your surveillance system has a recording device; this will allow you to capture any incident on video. Now you have proof for the police and if it is an employee, you h