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Home Security - Facts and Myths - Aura Business Solutions - Leading Home Security, Home Automation Solutions in Kerala

Do you know 88% of break-ins occur in residential areas. 51%  are victims of repeat burglary, usually occurring in the first month. 77%  of all crimes are property crimes. more than 7,000 home intrusions every day – either by sneakily quiet burglars or violently loud invaders Reliable sources say up to 30 percent of all homes will be burgled or invaded at least once in the next 20 years. The surprising fact is yet most people are careless with home defense– both in their behavior and in fortifying their homes with hardware and electronics. They rely on sheer luck that their lazy habits and flimsy hardware will protect them – but not always. HOME INVASIONS Burglars usually avoid occupied homes but the growing numbers of invaders actually want you at home so they can get your wallet, car keys, and hidden caches – making home invasions more lucrative than street robberies and more violent. These vicious robbers, rapists, and killers, knowing that the home itself hides the crime